Pretty Sweet Candy Buffets
Q:  What is a Candy Buffet?
A:  It’s a hot new trend sweeping the country at weddings, showers, corporate events, and parties everywhere! They are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Q:  How does a Candy Buffet work?
A  :  There are no hard rules about a candy buffet.  The fun part is the guests putting their own bag of goodies together.  This is your token of appreciation instead of a traditional wedding favor.

Q:  How much candy do I need?
A:  I wish there was a true answer for this question.  Anywhere between ¼ lb to ½ lb per guest.  But it is really all about the way your candy looks.

Q:  Do I have to purchase jars, scoops, and bags?
A:  No, all the jars, scoops, and bags are provided.  Upgrades are available.*
Q:  What kind of candy should I have?
A:  It’s up to you! Do you have a theme? Do you want to stick with your wedding colors with accent colors? Or do you want your wedding parties favorite candies?

Q:  Can’t I do this myself?
A:  Of course you can, but with all the pressures of planning an event, creating your own candy table will consume a significant amount of your time.  If you decided to do this on your own, you’ll need to shop around for the best candy prices and colors, buy all the glassware, scoops, and tongs.  You’ll need to buy the decorative accessories, candy bags or boxes, containers to transport all the glassware and candy to your event and so much more.  
You can avoid all the searching, shopping, designing, practice set-up, washing and wrapping the glassware and hauling it around.  Then you need to set up, take it down, packing leftover candy (if any), re-washing the glassware and then trying to figure out where to put it when the event is over!