Pretty Sweet Candy Buffets
Classic-All White

Monochromatic-Many shades of your colors for a dramatic effect

Tropical-Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange

Halloween-Orange, White, Black, Yellow

Patriotic-Red, White, Blue

Fall Harvest-Red, Orange, Yellow, Green

Little One-Pink, Blue, White, Yellow

Retro-Childhood Favorites

Black Tie Affair-Black and White

Summer Love-Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green

Pretty In Pink-Pink and White

Down by the Sea-Blue, White, Green, Brown

Winter Wonderland-White, Blue, Silver

Twilight-Red, Black, White

Candy Land-Multi-Colors

Spring Fling-Pastels

Rubber Ducky-Yellow and White

Lady Bug-Black and Red

Her Royal Highness-Purple, White, Silver

Pretty Princess-Purple, Pink, White

Mossy-Green, Black, Brown

Love Sweet Love-Red, White, Pink


Back to School-Red, Yellow, Blue

Christmas Gift-Red, Green, White

School Colors
Company Colors
Team Colors